Can a Coach Accelerate Your Success?

Who hasn't been through the Self-help section of a bookstore or library or perhaps has read; "The Secret", "Think and Grow Rich", "The Science of Being Great" and so on. Why do all these books help just a small percentage of people? What truly holds a person back from achieving the life of their dreams? Without a doubt, every successful person had a mentor or coach. Depending on the life lessons a Coach has overcome and their life or business success and experience, a Coach provides guidance and can help you release blocks that are holding you back and steer you towards growth in many areas of life.

95% of the population will never take advantage of Coaching. This leave 5% of the world's population controlling 95% of the wealth. That 5% leveraged a mentor or coach to help them achieve more.What causes a person to take action? Self-motivated persons will have a goal and stay focused on that goal until it's accomplished. Unfortunately there are too few who are truly self motivated. Most lack vision or simply do not understand the options to success; Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Socially, Emotionally and Financially. A Life Coach who overcame similar life bruises can help you to gain clarity and focus. A Business Coach with a proven business background can provide real-world options to help you to fulfil your dreams. If you can see it & feel it, you can have it. You simply need to understand the rules. You can never win the lottery if you never purchase a lottery ticket. There is always an action required. You may ask, "why have my actions not provided the results I'm looking for?" This again is where a mentor, Life or Business Success Coach makes the difference.

While my preference is to support everyone who has chosen to make the investment in their own personal growth, I realize some may find financial restrictions as the barrier to their success. For this very reason I've created This is a video based coaching and mentoring program that provides an excellent entry into receiving the insight needed to move forward; Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Financially. You receive a true Holistic approach to Coaching in a cost effective efficient approach.

Money Tree Training is a complete “How to” Coaching for;

  • Becoming an Author
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Affiliate Marketing - Commission based selling on all Social Media
  • Starting a Website development company
  • Starting a Graphics arts company
  • Starting a Video Production company
  • Direct email marketing
  • YouTube

You will learn the process of creating a revenue stream or making money in each of the above Online (Internet) based businesses.

Health and Wellness discussions

We know health is a dynamic process because it's always changing. We all have times of good health, times of sickness, and maybe even times of serious illness. For many, as our lifestyles change so does our level of wellness.

We all strive toward an optimal state of well-being yet for some it seems to easy and other an ongoing struggle. You’ll learn what causes disease and what improves wellness. What does it means to be healthy? Cardiorespiratory ability (Breath), muscular ability (Strength), flexibility (Ease of Movement), and body composition (Frame). Although these components are a critical part of being healthy, they are not the only contributing factors. Physical health is only one aspect of our overall health. You'll learn about how the mind affects your overall health. You'll learn the techniques employed by the few that produce massive results. Learn how food industry profits come ahead of your health. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s simply business. Learn precisely what's changed in your food supply over the past 100 years and why that change is killing you. Learn the exact roadmap to towards wellness.

Technology Training

Are you new to the Internet? Are you wondering what's so important about being connected online? Maybe you just want to know what's new and how it can benefit you. This introductory course will guide you through the basics while providing up-to- date information on the latest online tools and technologies. Here you'll learn why a website does well and why not. What can help you to rank better on Google, Bing or Yahoo searches. How to leverage YouTube or Vimeo to help your business. How to leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. What you must know when choosing a website/domain name and pitfalls to avoid. You’ll learn about technology as if it were being taught one on one.

Motivation Coaching

Are You Confused? Perhaps youre just not sure about the direction you're on in life. You need to understand Motivation & Clarity are inside jobs. Learning the precise techniques that will change the way you approach each day are just a part of what you will experience. Why do bad thing happen to good people? How can you turn your life around? You'll benefit from video Coaching as well as experience prerecorded group coaching.Discover the secret methods that are used to transform limiting beliefs into extraordinary results.