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2017 – Choose Change

2016-2017 Make a Choice to Change When you Choose to Change You’re Choosing to Shed unwanted thoughts and emotions. You shed them to make room for new experiences. There is no Best Time to Change. Change will always occur when you’ve hit rock bottom. If you’re already at the bottom (Health, Happiness and/or Prosperity) and you’ve chosen to accept things as they are, life becomes brutal and you’ll find reasons to hate everywhere. So what can you do? Start with

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December 2016, a Hacker Group took over Netflix Twitter account Why is this important to you? If you’re a Speaker, Life or Business Coach, Business Owner or simply hold a personal Twitter Account, your reputation is on the line. Trust in your ability is on the line. Your credibility to help others is on the line. Potential loss of revenue is on the line. Lost man hours is on the line securing or repairing the damage. There are many approaches

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It’s a fact

It’s a fact the everything is in motion. Whether it’s a rock or you or me. We’re all vibrating. Everything is a frequency. Like frequencies will attract. Whoever is in your life you’ve attracted. Each holds characteristics that are within you whether you like it or not. Change your frequency, change your life. Yes, you’ll lose some friends but their evolution belongs to them. Keep moving forward. To do otherwise is to accept a life of what could have been.

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Harmony or Disharmony?

Choices based on Love bring about Harmony. Choices based on Hate bring about Disharmony. Is your Life filled with Harmony or Disharmony? Dinesh Bharuchi Life & Business Coach

Your success

Your success will be determined by the company you keep. Your choices will be determined by the company you keep. Keep the company of people who will encourage you, guide you & help you to evolve. Dinesh Bharuchi Life, Business & Health Coach

Life provides experiences

Life provides experiences. Through each experience you have feelings. The feeling prompts a choice. You can honour your feeling or betray it. The outcome is your answer to the correctness of your choice. Right or wrong, what’s more important is whether you have learned the lesson. All lessons repeat until they have successfully changed you. Change is the only constant in life.

Truth is something that you practice.

Truth is something that you practice. You provide truths and you accept truths. Since you are in control of your life experiences, the question that arises, what truths are you saying to yourself and what truths are you accepting for yourself? Are you speaking and thinking truthfully?

Which side do you spend most of your day?

Which side do you spend most of your day? Negative thoughts and emotions produce like circumstances. Like attracts like. Positive feelings and emotions move you forward and produce positive circumstances. Are you living by the Golden Rule? Better choices will produce better results. It’s always your choice and you are constantly choosing your outcome. Live by the Golden Rule.

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