Why is this Your Survive & Thrive Life & Business Coaching Package?

As Business Coaches we already know 5% of 1000 people landing on this page will read this content. Of that 5% or 50 people another 5% or 2.5 people will take action to improve their life today.

Statistically 5% of the world's population control 95% of the wealth, we see that number to be even smaller. Our goal is to even the playing field by providing you with the right knowledge and insight that will move you towards that 5% of wealth. This is an e-Coaching program that enables you to improve your Finances and Technological Knowledge.

Since learning online or e-learning has become the norm, we've advanced our training to be delivered online and accessible anywhere. With this advancement most successful individuals & businesses are leveraging Internettrainingsecrets.com today.

We utilize videos to train online and found this to be the best and most retain-able training method available. Individuals and businesses are saving both time and money training online with us versus accumulating travelling expenses for themselves or for their employees with other conventional training programs.

Whether you're an employee looking for Job Security, moving up the Corporate Ladder or to create an Alternate Stream of Online Income, InternetTrainingSecrets.com is here to Help You Find Success and Freedom.

Just one stream of training via Live Coaching can cost anywhere from $10K up to $35K USD with no guarantees of success. Attend any seminar and you'll quickly discover what up-selling is all about. Have you attended a training seminar where it's either free or there's a small charge of $150? Do you remember what happens at the end of the seminar? That's up-selling! You learned a little and are excited. But, to make it work for you the investment is just $35,000 and includes 12 one on one coaching calls. A few people will jump in because of the POTENTIAL gains and success.

We're here to make the investment into your success affordable. We're here to be completely honest with you, and show you exactly how Alternate Streams of Online Income work along with both the Upside and Potential Pitfalls. Integrity with any business is what keeps it expanding. Each registrant becomes part of the Internet Training Secrets Family. We invite you to discover the endless possibilities with Online Internet based Income and Financial Freedom.

The benefits are astounding but here are eight key points to consider:

  • Convenient - Balance the demands of work and home, e-Learning or e-Coaching allows you to learn from work, home and on the road, anywhere internet is available for your device.
  • Relevant - Since course content includes the most current topics that cover (Body, Mind, Spirit, Technology & Finance), e-Learning / e-Coaching ensures training covers what you want for lasting success.
  • Immediate - You simply login to InternetTrainingSecrets.com with your email address and password for access to all e-Learning / e-Coaching.
  • Affordable - Massive savings is a key attraction as individuals and corporations save between 50-70% due to the elimination  of travel expenses. Video Coaching will save you thousands each year compared to live one on one coaching. As an example, personal one on one coaching ranges from $3000 - $12,000 usd/year.
  • Fun - By providing a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning not only effectively keeps people up-to- date, but interested as well. There is no better way to learn and retain content.
  • Easy to Use - Open an Internet browser and you're up and running from your Computer, e-Pad or Mobile device (phone company data charges may apply).
  • ROI to the Max - Affordable  Online  Training can be up to 93% cheaper when compared to instructor-led courses or one on one coaching.
  • Self Directed and Convenient - Learn at your own pace and maintain control of learning “where, when and how” with unlimited 24/7 access.